[Consultation] Meenimum Wage Act

    [Consultation] Meenimum Wage Act

    Dear Lords and Ladies,

    die Forgaitherin o Glens bittet um die Zustimmung für den Meenimum Wage Act.

    Erheben Sie sich bitte einzeln und nacheinander, nennen Sie Ihren Namen und Titel und votieren bitte für Aye, Nay oder Abstention.
    His Grace the Duke o Ergyll
    Francis Lucifer MacErgyll PC, CRM, CFV, OSB, OAE
    Former Lord Heich Stewart, Former First Meinister o Glenverness
    Keeper o the Muckle Signet o Glenverness

    Lloyd Tiddley, The Earl o Aulderness, Baron o Auldermore: Nay.
    The Maist Hon. Lloyd Tiddley, The Marquis o Aulderland
    Earl o Aulderness an Baron o Auldermore CFV, CRM

    Former Lord Heich Stewart, Former First Meinister o Glenverness

    Tiddley & Co. - Whisky Distillery
    - Best verns Whisky since 1779 -

    Ryal Warran by Appintment tae H.V.M. Queen Hermione III. | Lieferant des erzherzoglichen Hofes zu Vengard | Königlich-Stauffischer Hoflieferant | Fournisseur de la Cour d'Orly
    Oscar, The Prince Consort and 4t Heich Keeng o the Northern March, Keeng o Nugensil, Keeng o the Filam Isles, Patriarch o the Presbyterian Kirk o Northern March an Nugensil, Muckle Duke o Tehuri an Høyen, Duke o Verness, Mountwatten an Parma, Marquis o Glenverdeen, Earl o Warudin an Fjällby-Arturin, Baron o Anto an Freyn: Abstention.
    His Ryal Highness
    The Prince Consort

    Duke of Verness
    Marquess of Glenverdeen
    Earl of Sterling
    Keeper of the Privy Seal and Field Marshal of the Ryal Airmie
    Duke of Warudin, Prince of Freyn and Earl of Fjällby

    Founder & Patron of the King-Roderick-Society and Patron of the Royal Sports Society